The STROBEPRO.COM Difference

Tired of paying way too much for studio lighting equipment? Then Don't! Strobepro Canada sells professional quality studio lighting & accessories at a fraction of retail price. 

No middle man

No retail markup.  You get factory direct pricing. Products at retail stores get marked up at least 3 times.

Brown boxin' it

Reduced packaging cost for you. Fancy full color packaging goes to the garbage anyway.

Volume purchasing 

Reduced shipping & increased buying power. We only buy 40' container loads.

Canadian company

Canadian shipping, warranty center & great customer service.



YN560 TX Remote Radio Control

May 28, 2014

Yes the long awaited YongnuoYN 560III radio controller is almost here.  The $100 Yongnuo 560III’s already have a built in radio receiver so adding in a YN560 TX transmitter is all you’ll need for full control of all your 560’s.

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What Radio Trigger Should I Buy?

April 01, 2014

To understand what option is best for you we need to understand the different methods of flash triggering.  You’ve likely heard of Pocket Wizard but do you need to spend $300-$600 to get started? Keep in mind we’re trying to accomplish a task, which is to fire the strobes or speedlites when we push our shutter release. There’s lots of ways to do this so here we go.

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